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Helping business leaders to drive long-term profitability and value

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Driving growth and shared value through change

We are a change management company that accelerates our clients’ long-term profitability and shared value through our unique collaborative change consulting practice, training, and organizational transformation solutions.

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3 Ways We Can Help You

360° Transformation Audit™ to Drive Long-Term Profitability

Get the answers you’re looking for about how to drive long-term profitability in your business with our proprietary 360° Transformation Audit™

  • 360° Transformation Audit™

Training for Change & Project Teams

Take our courses with ready-to-use resources to help you grow & drive long-term value

  • Nimdier Certified Transformation Program™ for Teams
  • Nimdier Certified Change Management Practitioner Program™ for Change Professionals

Consulting for Organizations

We partner with your organization to adapt its traditional core to changes in the market and reposition for new growth

  • Business Transformation Bootcamp
  • Change Management Bootcamp for Project Teams
  • Culture Transformation
  • Annual Transformation Strategy Retreat

Business Transformation Book

The impact of post-pandemic developments and current economic headwinds indicates that organizations will be transforming their operations in the years approaching. Transformation Ready Team- How to Build a World-Beating Team that Wins in Times of Rapid Change by our Managing Partner, Benjamin Yaw Manu will give your team a 30-day roadmap to drive long-term profitability and shared value

Success Story

African Development Bank transforming through robust change strategy

embedding enterprise-wide change capability through business continuity and processes, budget reform, tools for accountability through the Bank’s Reforms Initiative

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Join subscribers worldwide to the Repositioned Newsletter.

You get 1 actionable tip every 2 weeks to grow your organization

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We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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