RN #005 How are your board and management responding to unexpected market changes

As organizations face ongoing instability and disruptions increasing pressure has been mounted on leaders to be accountable and respond to these rapid changes. Traditionally, Boards and Top Teams are not primed on an ongoing basis to address unexpected market disruptions, and this is seen in how boards, management, and employees in most cases have a […]

RN #004 Culture capital: How culture drives financial performance

Professional service firms and consultants have long struggled to present a simple way of saying that when clients invest in cultural transformation initiatives it leads to direct increased financial performance. The truth is there are cultural proxies one can use to determine how an increased organizational culture is a fundamental driver of financial performance. Watch […]

RN #003 The impact of successful change on your bottom line

“Change” is a uncomfortable terrain for many business leaders and organisations. The uneasiness of change is often rooted in a feeling of being unable to make a successful transition. Yet, as we all know, change is part of life and work. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a person who\’s already experienced the power […]