ESG and Sustainability Culture

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ESG and Sustainability Culture

Organizations across the world are working feverishly to building strategies to address their ESG initiatives and the UN Sustainability Goals. ESG disclosures and reporting on sustainability targets is not in enough. Culture change matters.

Let’s move beyond disclosures to embedding ESG culture in our operational DNA.  We support organizations to see how the personal values of your people and leaders align to your organizational culture, your ESG goals.

According to industry reports ESG-related assets will represent more than one third of the projected $140.5 trillion in total global assets under management. More than 90% of S&P 500 companies now publish ESG reports. McKinsey & Co., indicates that Europe and Northern America Securities and Exchange Commissions are demanding mandatory ESG-related disclosure. This will apply to many corporations around the world.

Benefits of embedding ESG culture in your operational DNA

ESG Compliance

Enhancing your compliance with ESG disclosures and regulatory requirements. This leads to increasing your competitiveness and reduce pressure on your revenue and profitability

Investment Opportunities

Strong ESG culture in your organisation helps you to mobilize more sustainable capital and secure investments and incorporate climate in portfolio strategies

ESG integrated in core company strategy

Strategically positioning ESG at the core of your strategy reducing ECG risks and increasing ECG opportunities across the organization.

Meet your tax obligations

Addressing behavioural taxes (carbon, labour, or health-related taxes). ESG-related taxes, obligations impact on revenue and competitiveness

Zero-net Transformation

Accelerate your organisation’s zero-net transformation efforts

Linking your values to ESG and sustainability indicators

Link your organization’s purpose to the value created across societal, environmental, and economic dimensions.

We use your ESG culture report insights together with dialogue to discern your next steps on the journey towards your ESG and sustainability strategy

Trusted Organizations

The following clients have used the Barrett Analytics with great success when it comes to culture, leadership and whole systems transformation.



ou can use our ESG and sustainability culture transformation for the following needs

  • Compliance with ESG regulatory requirements and disclosures
  • Integrating ESG culture in organisational DNA
  • Mobilizing sustainable capital
  • Incorporating ESG in investment decisions
  • Zero-net organisation transformation
  • Enhancing organization’s climate resilience
  • Incorporating climate in portfolio strategies
  • Communicating tax implications of ESG-related decisions
  • Benchmarking against other organisations
  • Meeting organisational sustainability and ESG goals
  • Incorporation into supply chain decisions
  • Addressing behavioural taxes (carbon, labour, or health-related taxes
  • ESG-related taxes, obligations impact on revenue and competitiveness
  • Internal and external ESG communication

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