Management Culture Transformation Program

Recent research showed that 30% of top management teams in the UK, 39% in the US, and 56% in the Australian public service acknowledge that there are disagreements between top teams when it comes to securing sustainable returns for their organisations. Consciously or not, your manner and behaviours as a management team transmit a wide range of cultural markers and set the stage for a thriving or dysfunctional organization. The leaders’ culture is seen as the organization’s culture. Create cohesive healthy management culture by tapping into the strengths of the management to achieve sustainable returns for your organisation.

Management Culture Matters

It’s the key to unlocking employee engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately the success of your organization. Consciously or not, your manner and behaviors as a leader transmit a wide range of cultural markers and set the stage for a thriving or dysfunctional organization. It’s no wonder leadership development and top team alignment are essential parts of cultural transformation. Too often, leaders miss these crucial pieces—wrongly thinking they are too difficult to quantify or develop—and overlooking the most powerful contributions they can make to their organization’s success. Our Adinkra Barret Leadership Cultural Transformation solutions magnify the effectiveness of leaders by helping them recognize their true cultural impact and embrace a values-driven leadership style. They also help create a high-performing, cohesive leadership team by tapping into the strengths of each member of the group.


Senior Management Team, the C-Suite, Management Team of a function, division, or unit


Guided by the scope of the assignment

Cultivate the Leadership Culture Needed to Thrive

  • Work more effectively with each other as senior management team
  • Engage with integrity and authenticity—the basis of trust
  • Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a fulfilling and productive workplace
  • Find greater satisfaction and meaning in their work

Beyond strict performance parameters, leaders report that this kind of development makes them more adept at fostering a culture that creates the kind of we’re-all-in-this-together energy that’s simply unstoppable

Why Values

The Adinkra Barrett Cultural Transformation Model ®(ABCTM) is rooted in understanding authentic motivations—the values that motivate and matter to us. It combines the power of Ghanaian cultural symbols (wisdom) and science-backed framework to understand our underlying human needs and the cultural environment required for people to thrive. Building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values that inspire it. Values are a lead indicator of potential challenges. Issues can be identified long before they express themselves among your leadership and in your culture, which gives you a tremendous advantage in addressing them. We have pioneered the way to discover and activate your values to forge a targeted, measurable path towards a thriving culture.


The full management culture transformation package includes:

  • ASSESSMENT AND ASSESSMENT REPORTS: Conduct a cultural diagnostics and present a comprehensive assembly of culture diagnostic reports of factors enhancing or disrupting healthy senior management culture and detail how to take advantage of future culture changes on your management team.
  • Q&A: Share results and hold a discussion with our Principal Consultant on the relevant positive and recurring potentially limiting culture behaviours (culture entropies) from your perspective.
  • WORKSHOP: A culture change-led workshop to analyse the assessment findings from your organization’s perspective. Together with your management team, we’ll explore and prioritize positive values and behaviours that present crucial changes impacting your management environment
  • SENIOR MANAGEMENT CULTURE DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Create a management culture development plan to live and grow desired management culture
  • MONITORING AND EVALUATION: Hold multi-year annual evaluation sessions to assess how lived culture is progressing towards the desired management culture through a series of culture assessments and discussions.


Since 1997, the Barrett Model has helped thousands of leaders and organizations empower their people, perform at their best, and achieve their goals. See sample of clients

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