360° Transformation Audit™

Our proprietary 360° Transformation Audit™ helps you find answers to the bottlenecks to transform your organization for long-term profitability and shared value

Our proprietary 360° Sales Audit report presents objective growth-driven results. It helps you to:

  • Identify the main barriers to transformation and have insights to deal with them
  • Have a deep understanding of the customer in every change you make, and in every employee – the customer you may have today, and the customer you want tomorrow, as well as the “megatrends” affecting them
  • Understand the key external changes and disruptions facing your organization?

Our 360° Transformation Audit helps to gain clarity into the future. In the end, you will leave with insights to enhance your long-term profitability with sustained value capture

How does it work?

Our process is simple:

  • Together we schedule a transformation strategy call to understand your needs
  • You take the 360° Transformation Audit™ with the guidance of our team
  • We present and discuss your assessment results
  • We agree on a roadmap
  • We will work through your organizational transformation strategy if you have one
  • The entire process takes not more than 2 weeks depending on your readiness
Success Story

African Development Bank transforming through robust change strategy

embedding enterprise-wide change capability through business continuity and processes, budget reform, tools for accountability through the Bank’s Reforms Initiative

How we helped?

Take advantage of the 360° Transformation Audit™ to identify the bottlenecks to long-term profitability and shared value in your organization

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