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How to Build a World-Beating Team that Wins in Times of Rapid Change

The expectation of a considerable economic downturn as a result of post-pandemic developments and geopolitical conflict indicates that organizations will be transforming and streamlining their operations in the months approaching. This will require that businesses begin to invest in their people to be ready for change. This is not about creating a strategic initiative alongside BAU (business-as-usual) operations. It is building a permanent “changing capability”—a business-wide ability to welcome and adapt to change. Grab a copy of my new book to get a 30-day roadmap to achieve long-term profitability and shared value.

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In TRANSFORMATION READY TEAM- a 30-day roadmap to win and achieve long-term profitability and shared value. You will work away with the tools to:

  • Understand where your company stands against the world
  • Recognise the balance sheet crisis your business is facing
  • Understand the danger of you not acting
  • Use the transformation operating system: what will turn your organization around
  • Know what you need and how to beat your market
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Keep your shareholders and stakeholders happy
  • Understand the business benefits of building a Transformation-Ready- Team that wins in times of rapid change that drives new growth
  • Reposition the core of your business and increase your financial performance

TRANSFORMATION READY TEAM will be launched in December 2023.

Join readers worldwide who have pre-ordered to get your free eBook copy a few days before it is published. It will go up for sale after the publication date. So, grab a copy of my book for free before it is too late.

Benjamin Yaw Manu

Global Transformation Advisor, Trainer, Author

Author of Transformation Ready Team

Benjamin Yaw Manu is a Managing Partner at Nimdier, a transformation and change consulting company that enables business leaders and their teams to achieve long-term growth in times of rapid change. He has advised and consulted for the African Development Bank Group, the United Nations in transformation initiatives. He has also worked for Cadbury, British Council and Invest in Africa launching award-winning products and services contributing to 8 figure businesses.

Benjamin was a former Vice President of the Global Board of Directors of the Association of Change Management Professionals based in Washington, USA

Benjamin holds a Master’s in Organizational Development from the University of Ghana. He has received executive education at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, and INSEAD.

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