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Organizations that want to drive enterprise-wide transformation by optimizing workplace culture, systems, processes, technology, operations, and projects aim to achieve and sustain long-lasting transformative change and impact for their customers, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.

Our New Book

Every era seems to be draped with increasing uncertainty.  As we increase the pace of technological innovation, our evolution as a society increases both our capacity to do good, but also the variance for what comes next.  In short, the cone of uncertainty grows larger, and we must be ready to manage ourselves and our organizations through the range of possibilities.  Benjamin Manu’s new book, “Thriving in Uncertainty,” serves as a beacon of hope, a practical guide, and a strategic blueprint for business leaders navigating this vortex of complexity and change. This is not just another business book. It’s a raft in turbulent waters along with a compass pointing to safety and growth

Patrick McCreesh, PhD, Co-founder, Simatree Author of Stuck: How to Win at Work by Understanding Loss Adjunct Faculty, George Mason University School of Business

Customer Reviews

Max Steel
A vital resource for business leaders
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Thriving In Uncertainty by Benjamin Yaw Manu is a vital resource for business leaders navigating today's unpredictable landscape. Offering practical insights and strategies, Manu equips readers with the tools needed to steer their organizations through turbulent times and toward sustained growth. What sets this book apart is its unique approach, drawing on Ghanaian adinkra symbols to guide readers through the complexities of uncertainty. With a wealth of experience as a transformational change consultant, Manu delivers a compelling blueprint for success in the face of adversity. This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to thrive amidst uncertainty.
Frances Kelly
Essential Guide for Business Leaders
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Benjamin Yaw's book "Thriving In Uncertainty" For corporate executives negotiating the turbulent landscape of today, is a must-read. Manu presents a distinctive, perceptive method of accepting change by fusing realistic tactics with Ghanaian adinkra symbolism. With its wealth of practical examples and doable recommendations, this well-written manual is essential for maintaining growth in the face of uncertainty.
Geoffrey E Gilmore
Change is Advantageous
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Mr Manu articulates with precision the need to embrace transformation. The case studies and step-by-step processes are testimonies to viewing change and transformation in a positive light. Even if it means to pivot when facing a wall. The change in focus and the new realization of other viable options are paramount for creating a direction in our corporate and social trajectory. This book provides excellent insight into how transformation and creative, strategic change are the catalyst for a thriving future.
Be the Pro when it comes to changes
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This book gives you a great value on how to be flexible within your business even if everything around you looks like a disaster. The answer is within you and how you portray it. Don't fall into the storm but instead use it to give you strength and new opportunities to move forward. It's a great book if you are a CEO or want to learn more about businesses and how to handle adversity. Highly recommend it.

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With Eyerusalem

with Eyerusalem Fasika Ghana Country Manager, African Development Bank Group

With Brent

with Brent Nartey, Managing Director, Engen Ghana

With Simon

with Simon Madgie Executive Secretary, American Chamber of Commerce, Ghana

With Phillip

with Phillip Tagboto, Sandoz Cluster Commercial, Alliance Manager (East Africa and English West Africa)

with Surinder Rana, Former IMF Global Real Estate Lead

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Facilitation Services

  • Meetings Facilitation
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Annual Staff Retreats Facilitation
  • Team Building, Alignment, Cohesion, and Effectiveness
  • Project Planning, Reviews, and Retrospectives
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Workshop
  • Process Improvement and Problem-Solving Workshop

Culture Change Services

  • Thriving in Uncertainty Coaching Program™
  • Organizational Culture Assessment
  • Wellbeing Assessment
  • Culture Evolution Report
  • Culture Sustainability/ESG Culture Assessment
  • Leadership Team and Values Assessment
  • Customer Assessment
  • Merger/Compatibility Assessment

Training Services

  • Nimdier Thriving in Uncertainty Workshop™
  • Nimdier Certified Change Management Practitioner Program™
  • Nimdier Leading Change Program™


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