RN #001 How change management accelerates project results

You’ve heard the phrase “Change is inevitable,” and you know that there’s a good chance that a project you’re working on will require that you create results for the end user. What if those results are not adopted by the end users at the end of the project? Or they are not mainstreamed in the business? In other words they do not become part of the strategy of the organization-and for that matter the results are not seen in the daily operations of the business? That is how large an impact change leadership(management) can have on your project results. And if you understand this up till now you would reckon what you need to do to increase adoption by your end users.

Most project managers feel overwhelmed when there’s too much to do to not only deliver on project results but ensure that the the deliverables are mainstreamed in the organization. Especially for medium to large projects. What can we do to overcome this?

First, assess the change impact and readiness of the organisation. Next define the change and formulate a change strategy in line with your project objectives. Together with your team prepare an integrated change and project management plan and execute that joint plan. Finally, evaluate the outcome of your implementation against the very objectives you started with. It is important that you provide results to demonstrate adoption and internal best practices. These are the processes you go through to ensure that your project results through change management find convergence with organisation\’s daily and future operations.

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