RN#10 Furloughed? Ways to Get a New Job

I have experienced being asked to leave when it was not your fault.

It’s life-threatening and unnerving to be asked to leave a job without being prepared

I saw it with a former colleague more than a decade ago. She had 2 weeks to pack

A month earlier she had won a global staff award for exceptional performance-  a paid trip abroad to learn from the best in the world

When you become unemployed through no fault of yours you just can’t explain it to anyone

You come home faced with:

-no job to attend to the next day

-no salary

And now:

-soaring inflation

-the soaring cost of food

-the soaring cost of rent

-soaring energy and fuel bills

-(fill in the blank)


Organizations aren’t hiring as they used to

You don’t know where and when the next job would come from

You feel sick and stymied

It doesn’t have to be this way


First, believe that you are still the ONLY (insert your name) who creates the magic nobody can

Confidence matters

Change your mindset. Once you unlock that you are on a new path of discovery

Do not take any other job that comes your way. Be strategic

Be ready to take progressive roles in small organizations, start-ups, and social impact organizations

You will be amazed that these types of organizations pay very well. You also get space to create and leave a legacy. A legacy you can leverage for future jobs

Join a professional association of your interest – your area of the profession I mean and volunteer for a year or two to build a skill or competency. Do it for free. I have done it for two global organizations filling roles at the Executive and Board Levels. I did it for 5 years combined. Believe me. It will pay off. Consider it an investment in your future. The salary level you will command in the future could be 100% surprisingly higher than your previous job.

There are other sectors yearning to have you serve them with your talent

Changing your mindset will set you on the path to success

Do not hesitate to reach out for free guidance

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