RN#12 Value-Based Organizations are the Companies of the Future

There is nowhere in the world where a group of people achieved excellence and results without a shared culture.

It is about maintaining and celebrating a common understanding of the way things are done here to remain relevant in the future. In these changing times your most critical assets are your people. Your workforce vote to work for you because of what you believe in- anchored on healthy practices at the workplace, not what you say you would.

Therefore, the companies of the future will remain so if they are in tune with the needs of their workforce and the environment.

Your corporate culture isn’t your values pasted on corporate websites, posters, and billboards clamoring for attention. It is the lived experience we see. If the culture is toxic, we will know. If it is misaligned with stakeholders’ needs we will know.

And once it is misaligned your performance and future are in danger.

For the leaders who for so long have achieved targets through poor management accountability and aggressive results-oriented behavior your days are numbered. People will soon leave you or you will leave.


  • Build an optimal culture in your team by understanding what motivates your team and what the organization is interested in.
  • Make sure there is an alignment between the two: employee values vrs organizational values
  • Weed out potentially limiting values.
  • Create an action plan, track progress and lets employee data tell the story

By understanding the current values in your organization you are taking the first step to take action to address the dysfunctional culture that scuttles productivity and financial performance

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